Business Shredding

Stay legally compliant with our business shredding service

Our business shredding service ensures that you comply with the Data Protection Act of 1998. The Act states that companies must destroy all sensitive documents responsibly or face the possibility of a large fine for mishandling or losing sensitive data. A fine of up to £500,000 could seriously damage, or even bankrupt, many small companies and it’s a risk that you don’t need to take.

Anglodocs will help you stay compliant.

We will supply you with our confidential waste bags – you simply fill them and we’ll arrange to have them collected. The confidential waste is brought to our secure premises in Kidderminster and destroyed beyond reconstruction or recognition, in an environment of the utmost security. If you have a large quantity then we will load your material directly into our vehicle and charge you an agreed all-in rate. Contact us for further details and a quote.

Security matters

Our business shredding business is built on security. We handle millions of confidential files every day for many clients, including government agencies and the NHS for whom we have been destroying and recycling confidential documents and x-rays for many years. Our clients trust us to dispose of their sensitive documents beyond reconstruction in a high security environment.

At Anglodocs we take every precaution to dispose of your waste securely:

  • 24 hour CCTV
  • continuously externally monitored alarm system
  • tracked vehicles
  • all staff fully DBS checked

Free up your valuable space with our business shredding service

Most businesses produce an extremely large volume of paperwork every day and much of it will contain sensitive data. For this reason, it may be kept on the premises for fear of being incorrectly disposed of. A call to Anglodocs can arrange for the paperwork to be taken away and securely destroyed, and can give you back valuable office and filing space.

Which ‘confidential documents’ do you need to shred?

‘Confidential waste’ includes many types of paper records, plus other printed materials such as adverts and even staff uniforms and forms of identification.

Here are some examples of material you should destroy responsibly:

  • Lists of customers or suppliers
  • Financial, tax, insurance and payroll records
  • Contracts and legal documents
  • R&D reports, patent applications and product proposals
  • Personnel files and medical records
  • Internal emails and memos
  • Invoices and account ledgers
  • Inventory lists
  • Computer printouts
  • Advertisements with misprints
  • Lottery tickets and store coupons
  • Corporate uniforms and staff id’s

Our Credentials

  • 100% of waste is recycled – so nothing goes to landfill
  • Registered waste carrier
  • Registered with the Environment Agency
  • ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) Registered
  • Fully insured, state of the art premises