Home Shredding

Secure yourself against identity theft with our home shredding service

Identity theft is a real risk and statistics tell us that this crime is growing each year. While banks and financial institutions are investing huge amounts into prevention and investigation of these crimes, the majority of the responsibility falls to the individual to protect their data. In other words, you are responsible.

Your personal paperwork can give fraudsters all the information they need concerning where you live, bank, work and even shop. And if you are a victim of identity theft it causes incalculable levels of stress, not to mention to huge amount of time you will need to invest unravelling the damage that’s been done.

Whilst you can burn your documents, it’s not the most eco-friendly or safest method, and neighbours can report the inconvenience – for which you may be fined!

Anglodocs can help.

The most reliable and responsible way to dispose of your confidential documents is to have them securely shredded. Simply contact us by phone or use the contact form on this site. You can bring your sensitive documents to our depot where the contents will be shredded beyond reconstruction. And we recycle 100% of the waste so that nothing goes to landfill.

We will deliver empty recycling bags to your home and collect the filled bags within a 20 miles radius of our depot, or you can call by to collect / drop off. You only pay for the bags you use.

Security matters

Our home shredding business is built on security. We handle millions of confidential files every day for many clients, including the NHS for whom we have been destroying and recycling confidential documents and x-rays for many years. Our customers trust us to dispose of their sensitive documents beyond reconstruction in a high security environment.

At Anglodocs we take every precaution to dispose of your waste securely, using the following methods:

  • 24 hour CCTV
  • continuously externally monitored alarm system
  • vehicles which are tracked 24hrs a day
  • all our staff are fully DBS checked (we never employ agency or temporary staff)

Our Credentials

  • 100% of waste is recycled
  • Registered waste carrier
  • Registered with the Environment Agency
  • ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) Registered
  • Fully insured, state of the art premises