Kidderminster Secure Shredding – FAQ’s

Do you deal with trade and the public?
Yes, we deal with everyone ranging from the householder to large public bodies such as NHS

Is there a minimum order?
The minimum order is one bag

Do you provide bags?
Yes, we’ll either post them to you or you can collect them, you’ll only pay for the ones you fill.

Will my material be recycled?
Yes, all material received goes back in the manufacturing chain once shredded. Our bags are multi-use so we won’t be adding to current plastic problem.

How and when do I pay?
You will be asked to pay when we collect or receive the material, business customers will be invoiced on a 7 day payment basis. Payment can be made by cash, ban transfer, debit or credit card; in person or over the phone.

What happens to my documents?
All material is shredded to beyond reconstruction, the material ends up like confetti

How secure is the shredding?
It is impossible to reconstruct any documents following the cross-cut process

Can I have confirmation of destruction?
Yes, we will issue a Certificate of Destruction on request at no extra charge

I have a large quantity of paper what do I do?
We’ll arrange a time to visit you and give you an all-in price. Our staff will bag or box the material for you and remove it from your place of storage, so you don’t need to do anything.

What area do you cover?
We generally cover a 25 mile radius from Kidderminster, however, we do collect nationwide for our other products such as x-ray film

Do you collect?
Yes, we’ll collect from your house or business

Can I deliver the paper / documents for shredding?
Yes, we are open from 8-4 Monday to Friday

What permits and authorisations to you hold?
We are a registered waste carrier and are permitted to process your confidential material, we are registered with the ICO and EA as well as being fully insured. All our certificates are available on request.

How much will it cost to have my documents shredded?
We are the most cost effective service provider available and the most flexible whether it’s a bag or a room full. Prices start at £6 inc VAT